Oxford Interfaith Calendar

Welcome to this Oxford Interfaith Calendar. As a quick reference, you’ll see that religious dates are BLUE, Oxford interfaith events (i.e including two or more faith groups) that can be attended by the public are ORANGE, and secular dates (including humanitarian, inclusivity & diversity, awareness days / weeks / months, UK bank holidays) are TAN. Click on an event to see if there is more information, e.g. a web link. Below the calendar are links to some Oxford-based interfaith groups and initiatives.

Please note:

  • Some days show a note like ‘+3 more’; clicking on those notes will reveal all the items for that date.
  • For security reasons, venues are not listed. Contact the organisation to find out more about the venue, registering for their event etc.

Please help me keep this calendar up to date. If you have set a date for an interfaith event in Oxford, please contact me as quickly as possible, so I can add it to the calendar. My hope is that this will help planners to make their interfaith events inclusive, avoiding religious dates that might prevent some people attending, and avoiding date clashes with other interfaith events. Also, please let me know of any mistakes on the calendar. Thanks.

Alexander Massey (personal website) – Contact Alexander


B: Buddhist, Bah: Ba’hai, C: Christian, EOC: Eastern Orthodox Christian, H: Hindu, Is: Islam, Ja: Jain, Je: Jewish, Mor: Mormon, OC: Orthodox Christian, Rast: Rastafarian, RC: Roman Catholic, S: Sikh, W/P: Wicca & Pagan, Z: Zoroastrian

Oxford interfaith organisations & initiatives
Resources that I have consulted:
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